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Weddings, Renewals and Committments

Servando and Sheila

Congratulations to Servando Llanio and Sheila Freed of Baltimore, Maryland, who were married at sunset on July 30, 2004, at the gazebo at Hawks Cay Resort in Middle Florida Keys.

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During the week preceding Servando and Sheila's Friday ceremony, the weather map for the Keys featured large red splotches, indicating a a tropical wave had settled over the area, bringing looming gray clouds and frequent downpours. Clearer weather had not been promised until Sunday. The gazebo is small and romantic and not intended to shelter even a modest wedding party from the elements, so an alternate location at the resort had been identified.

But Nature seems to recognize some very special moments for us, and provided Servando and Sheila a clear, bright evening in which to share their vows and celebrate their joining with children and family.

To this beautiful and charming family we wish a long an happy life.

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